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Brace yourself.  This is the time of year where, for the next few weeks,  we are going to have to be looking our best more often than any other time throughout the year. 

So, if you’re lucky enough to have a constant stream of parties, lunches and festive season dos, you will also be planning your various outfits, make-up and, of course, hair styles.  Nothing can make a carefully chosen outfit look more amazing than a hair style that reflects the influences and the era of the clothes you’ve chosen.  A chin-length bob with a Gatsby inspired flapper dress.  A sensuous, low chignon or plait with Catalan inspired  lace.  Sumptuous curls with a simple sheath dress.  A simple slicked style with an androgynous Tux.  The effect and impact of your look can be lost, or can be made all the more dramatic and on trend depending on whether your hair is playing its part in “telling the story” of your look.  With so many trends and influences around, pick up style tips from fashion features in the glossy mags, or follow the lead of the A-listers’ red carpet looks – many of which will have had the benefit of a top fashion stylist to choose and complete their over-all look.  And don’t think your hair has to be long to take advantage of lots of different styling options – you only have to look at Jennifer Lawrence on her recent trot of the globe for the Hunger Games premieres, sporting a totally different look each time for her newly cropped hair. 

 The great thing about lots of the current red carpet trends is that they don’t have to look overly done or too perfect.  Up-dos can be slightly messy and even quite random.  Faux bobs for longer hair are easily achieved with a few Kirby Grips in the same shade as your hair colour.  And with the plethora of brilliant styling products, from salt sprays, dry shampoos and volume boosting powders, through to smoothing serums,  curl definers and brush-out hair sprays, you can really experiment with your hair styling options.  Bear in mind, though, your hair needs to be in great condition to take the strain of the potential back-combing, heat styling and all those late nights!  A weekly deep conditioning mask tailored to your hair texture and needs is a must. 

So, for a little inspiration to get our creative juices flowing, let’s have a look at a few red carpet celebrities who have nailed their look by styling their hair to totally fit their fashion “story”, and a collection of key styling options to keep your look fresh at every party graced with your presence!


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